Feared Reborn Guitarist Edition

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2016 Feared album "Reborn" bundle.

Includes: - Physical CD - Tablature book - Pick Tin w. 6 Dunlop Picks - Signed Flyer 

2016 marks the 10-year anniversary that sparked the idea to form Feared. Since then we've recorded a bunch of albums that we're extremely happy with. However we always felt that the first two albums were not up to par with Furor Incarnatus, Vinter and Synder. Refeared and Rejects didn't have real drums and much more to be desired mixing wise. And with that we present to you the album "Reborn".

Reborn is a best of Refeared and Rejects totally re-recorded and revamped for the 10th anniversary. We believe the songs have much more to offer with real drums, better production, new mix, new master etc. We're extremely proud about our whole catalogue and we want to thank our fans and followers for their constant support. 

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