Ola Englund is a Swedish guitarist, producer, and internet personality known for his skills in heavy metal and his extensive online presence.

Born on September 27th, 1981, in Stockholm, Sweden, Ola began playing guitar at a young age and quickly developed a passion for heavy metal music.

In 2007, Ola formed the melodic death metal band, Feared, as the lead guitarist and primary songwriter.

The band has released several albums, including "Vinter" (2013), "Furor Incarnatus" (2015), and "Svart" (2017), which showcase Ola's distinctive guitar playing and songwriting abilities.

In addition to his work with Feared, Ola is also known for his solo instrumental work, where he showcases his technical prowess and versatility as a guitarist. He has released several solo albums, including ”Master of The Universe" (2019) and ”Starzinger" (2021), which feature his signature heavy metal style and lead work.

Beyond his musical career, Ola has also become a popular figure in the online guitar community. He runs a successful YouTube channel, where he provides guitar lessons, gear reviews, and shares his experiences as a professional musician.

Ola's engaging personality, combined with his extensive knowledge of the guitar, has earned him a loyal following of fans worldwide.

With his impressive musical abilities, engaging online presence, and tireless work ethic, Ola Englund has become a respected figure in the world of heavy metal music and a beloved personality in the guitar community.

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